Sponsored listings are operated on a “Pay Per Click” basis – which means you only spend when people see and click on your advert after typing in your specific keyphrases – so we know they are interested in finding your product / service – we just need to get you in front of them when they realise they need or want what you do, a simple philosophy, but not in practice. This is why, when managed correctly (and it needs to be), it works so well and can benefit your business instantly! Costs per click fluctuate according to time of year, competitor spend, quality and relevance of website, keyword relevance – plus many more factors. This is why it is important you use the right company who know what they are doing and can manage your online advertising budget accordingly and get the best out of it for you, so you can continue to do what you while and we can do what we are good at – getting you the business in! Prices of sponsored listing campaigns vary but we recommend a minimum spend of £100 per month. We charge a management fee to run sponsored listing campaigns, the rest of your budget is set to spend evenly over the month and reporting can and will be provided so you can see how your campaign is performing technically – but you should essentially see the results in terms of new business coming to you through telephone, email and footfall – depending on what industry sector you are involved in. Our team of experienced Account Managers will guide you and educate you as much as they can so you can get an understanding as to what we do and why we do it, we aim to have a long working relationship with all clients and to do this you need to see us making a difference – that is our aim, to make that difference.

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